Wednesday, November 4, 2015

DietBet: Day 1

I signed up for the transformer challenge on DietBet. I bet $25 per month that I would lose a specified percentage of my body weight. The challenge lasts 6 months with the overall goal of losing 10% of your weight. This month the goal is to lose 3% of my body weight.

My main motivation to sign up for the challenge was to keep me accountable to lose weight. I've been trying to lose weight for years and haven't been successful. I hope that betting on myself will give me the motivation I need to stick to my diet and exercise routine.

Day 1 went pretty well. I went to the gym this morning and have eaten pretty healthy all day. Below are my macros for the day and a list of what I ate.

    • 1/2 peanut butter Pure Protein bar
    • Carrot with hummus
    • Clementine
    • Fat free latte
    • 1/2 peanut butter Pure Protein bar
    • Salad with grilled chicken, feta cheese, walnuts, kalmata olives, and balsamic vinegar
    • Broccoli
    • Stuffed grape leave
    • Clementine
    • Egg drop soup
    • Brown rice
    • Sesame chicken

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Laser Cut Wine-o-saur

Gone are the days of conventional wine racks. This Stegosaurus wine holder is perfect for your coffee table or kitchen counter. It is a wonderful centerpiece and always gets the conversation started. This will make a great gift for a wedding or the holidays.

I designed this Wine-O-Saur from scratch using Solidworks. It is designed for 3mm plywood, but the tabs can be modified for other thicknesses. I laser cut the design on a 65 Watt Epilog Helix. It is assembled using wood glue.

You can download the Solidworks parts, Solidworks assembly, and .dxf files so you can recreate this.

This design was inspired by 

Published under creative commons non-commercial, attribution, share-alike

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Chocolate Espresso Cake

I've been baking all weekend for the Skype bake sale we have at work tomorrow. The bake sale is part of Microsoft's Giving Campaign and the proceeds will go to four great charities - National Federation of the Blind, Lighthouse for the Blind, Imani Project, and Unicef.

I made 10 dozen cookies and two cakes! Phew, glad all that baking is done.

The cake I'm most proud of is a chocolate espresso cake. I followed Savory Simple's recipe for the cake and used a simple Wilton chocolate buttercream. I added a bit of espresso powder to the buttercream to give it a kick.

The cake was pretty straight forward, but I made a successful chocolate cage for the first time. It took me two tries, but turned out pretty well. The trick is making sure the chocolate has set the right amount before trying to attach it to the cake.